Monday, January 19, 2009

El Michoacano Restaurant - Hollister, Ca

This past weekend I had not had Mexican food at all. So by, 11:45 am this morning I was craving it in a large way. El Michoacán’s has been in the San Juan Road shopping center for easily over 10 years. I have always enjoyed their salsa so I decided to give a go today. My partner in food blogging crime was not at work today so I had to fly solo on this review.

The thing about this restaurant that I just love is the 360 degree of murals they have painted on every wall, ceiling - anything that can be painted! I mean they really try. They have a jukebox that usually is pumping out the hottest jams, today it was quiet - which was nice. I was seated immediately to a nice table in the corner. A great little spot for the loner girl to take pictures of her food. I bet people really thought that I was pretty "special."

Hot sauce anyone?

One of the best bowls of salsa in town.

My favorite part of the meal came quickly! Chips and salsa were placed in front of me as I was handed a menu. I knew what I wanted so I told the waitress one cheese enchilada ala carte. I made my way through the chip basket happily dunking each chip with their spicy salsa - it has always been so good here. Within 5 minutes my order was up! Now that is service. The enchilada was good. I asked for extra sauce and my wish was granted. The enchilada was made with a corn tortilla which I like. Sometimes the flour tortillas get to be a little doughy underneath the enchilada sauce. I like that they do not use cheddar cheese in the mix. I think it competes with the enchilada sauce so today I was a happy camper.

My co-worker Jan swears by this place. In fact, Jan and I need to come back one day to further review the restaurant. Their menu is so large, and is stuffed with an extreme amount of seafood specials. One of which includes abalone - I cannot wait to try that one! Right when I thought you could not go anywhere without your meal being at least $10, I was wrong. Can you believe my meal came out to $3.14. Wow! Quick service, delicious food and it was a bargain! Can't beat that! El Michoacán’s has locations in Los Banos, King City, Greenfield and Coalinga. So my Salinas Valley readers can check out this place on their own turf. Tell me how you like it! 2 thumbs up for a welcome change to pricey eats!


Anonymous said...

Where is the one in Los Banos??

Anonymous said...

The one in los Banos is located on 156.. Pacheco st