Wednesday, October 8, 2008

La Villa de Jerez Taqueria - Downtown Hollister

So today was a beautiful day in Hollister, California! So beautiful that it was almost hot! Amazing October weather. Anyhow, I was feeling the need for chips and salsa so I decided to try the sister restraunt to the original Villa in downtown Hollister.

It was pleasantly busy inside the little taqueria, that is always a good sign! I am happy to see people out and about... makes me smile. You walk up to the counter and read from the menu listed on the wall. We ordered and took a seat outside. It is a great spot for people watching!

I am up first! That is me, proudly posing with my meal! I ordered the Baja fish taco and a basket of freshly made chips! I saw them come out of the fryer! Now that is fresh! I was excited to try ALL of the salsa's... my favorite one was a mix of the top salsa and the green! Yum, yum. The fish taco was respectable. For two bucks and some change it is a decent meal! The batter on the fish was pretty heavy, but not bad. I liked the really crisp parts. Give me some crunch! They do supply a pretty healthy portion of mayo-hot sauce-blend on the shredded cabbage. I liked it very much. Onward... Amanda's meal looked great. She said everything was fine, I was kind of eyeing her asada taco. It looked pretty good! You all know how much I love cheese, and that bad boy was bathed in it!

All in all, great experience. The lady at the counter is very quick and friendly. Everything looked very clean and orderly. I like that! I do have to say the outdoor dining is my favorite part. And the prices, who can beat them? No one on San Benito Street that is for sure! For a quick, spicy meal head downtown and check them out. Two thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa Bad Manners,

re: your comment on

To hold a mirror to your comment on the other blog, it would be like me coming on here and saying something like:

"Ugh, your opinions are retarded, maybe you should stick to being a close minded brat and having no taste"

See how productive that is?

Melissa Good Taste said...

Ahhh sorry you feel that way "bizartist". I just felt mixing politics and food were a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

No big deal. I see you made amends...

I didn't mean to be so nasty about it, but it just frustrates me that the internet seems to bring out these bad habits, and meaningful discussion dies in the process. Then again, I got caught up in reading YouTube comments the other day, and you may have born the fruits of my horror, didn't mean to be that harsh ;)