Monday, October 6, 2008

Knife and Fork - Hollister, Ca

So this Saturday was not your typical Saturday, it was race day Saturday! My friend Nina, her mom and I all competed in the Steeple to Steeple, a 5 mile walk/run benefit for Sacred Heart Church. So after that we decided to treat ourselves to something delicious... we drove down to 650 San Benito Street and cruised on into the Knife and Fork.

Right as we walked in we were greeted by a friendly girl asking us where we wanted to sit. That was nice of her, it wasn't too busy and we wanted to sit by the window. What I like about the Knife and Fork is that they use cloth napkins, usually ones with pretty flowers - just precious. Our drink order was taken and I was asked if I wanted French Roast or Hazel Nut coffee. Wow! Hazel Nut please!

Who are those cheese balls? Oh wait... that is us - very proud of our accomplishment!

Food's ready! Ok. I ordered the Biscuits and Gravy with a side of bacon. I ate the bacon first, maybe because I was craving protein or just because I love bacon! The bacon was crispy, and that is how I like it. So far so good... The Biscuits and Gravy are now up! I liked the biscuits, they tasted pretty fresh. The gravy was not your typical gravy, there was something in there that was throwing me a little bit... was it garlic? I am not sure but, it was still delicious all the same... I mean how can gravy actually be bad? Next was Nina's breakfast plate. She ordered two eggs, over medium, has browns, bacon and sourdough. I thought her plate looked beautiful! She said everything was cooked wonderfully. The eggs were perfect, and she thought the bread was homemade! Which is cool!

All in all I believe this meal was a success! I have dined here a couple time before but never busted out my camera and did a review. I am glad this morning I finally got around to doing it. I will be back to do a lunch review because I like this place. I was shocked at how reasonable the prices were as well. We got out of there under $20 and that is hard to do now days! I give Knife and Fork 1.5 thumbs up for being a charming little addition to downtown Hollister!

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Michelle said...

Their lemon cake is divine!!!