Monday, September 1, 2008

The Whole Enchilada - Moss Landing, Ca

I was on my way to Monterey but the traffic by the Red Barn made me take the back roads off the 101... Why do they have that flea market anyway? There is nothing but junk and slows down the HIGHWAY. It seems like it should be illegal. Anyway... back to reason I blog - the food! As I cruised Tarpey Road towards the coast I decided that stopping at The Whole Enchilada would be a swell idea.

The restaurant's interior presents you with a riot of color - splashes of hot orange, florid pinks, sunny yellows, and vivid greens compete for your attention with a myriad of others. Plants and Mexican handicrafts add to the ambiance, and the feeling is reminiscent of a beach cantina in Mexico. The food at The Whole Enchilada fits under the broad category of Nuevo Mex - lots if dishes rooted in Mexican tradition but with modern treatments, borrowing flavors and techniques from other cuisines.

The chips and medium spicy salsa were put on the table while I ordered my Mojito turned out to be not too sweet and pleasantly potent.

I of course ordered the soup... duh. The robustly flavored soup of the day - chicken chipolte: chicken broth with big chunks of chicken, with chunks of mexican cheese floating throughout,crowned with slices of avocado and a roasted chipotle chile. Watch out for the latter, it will set your palate smoking! The fish tacos were next and it was an impressive platter! Crispy well seasoned deep fried fish on a bed of greens, cucumber and a delicate ranch based dressing sat on two corn tortillas. Rice and beans separated the plate creating a meal fit for at least two.

The meal was great! The drinks perfect. Setting beautiful. Service, well... what little we had was alright. We were kind of forgotten about but it was ok. We didn't demand that much attention. So despite the lack of service I give it One and half thumbs up. Would I go back again! Yes! Go by and check it out - great food, tasty drinks and the oh ya, the ocean...


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