Monday, September 1, 2008

Don Ciccio's - San Juan Bautista, Ca

I live in San Juan Bautista so I know good mexican food. I really do. I drive past Don Ciccio's every time I dine in San Juan. Why you ask? Well, because I really love mexican food. Although this day was different, I was willing to try something new...

As you walk into the quaint little restaurant you are welcomed by a friendly staff who immediately seat you at the best available tables. You know how sometimes when you go to a restaurant you feel like they seat you at the worst table on purpose? And you think to yourself... What am I chopped liver? Well, needless to say this did not happen here. Which was nice.

The bread came out immediately and I was amazed at the amount. I mean that was a lot of bread! I loved that they used local olive oil from Pietra Santa and the balsamic vinegar had a perfect tang.

I ordered the crab cakes and thought they looked so pretty! Salmon was generously placed on top making it a regal meal! It sat along side roasted corn and red pepper. The cakes were more like balls, which was fine, they were cooked perfectly! Large chunks of lump crab meat tasted fresh from the sea. A+. The other entree ordered was the Spinach Ravioli Pomodoro. The ravioli were generously stuffed with ricotta ans spinach. The sauce was said to be a little thin, it could have stood up to the dish a little bit more. Needless to say the plate was clean when the waitress took it away so it could not have been too shabby.

I was glad I stopped in to have dinner at Don Ciccio's. It was good food in a relaxing setting. A little pricey though, but I understand - they have to run a business and make a living. Would I return? Sure, the craving for those crab cakes will return soon, I have a feeling. So when your not in the mood for Mexican go on in and check them out! One and a half thumbs up.


***Unfortunately this place has closed***

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Anonymous said...

MD - I agree with you that this was an incredible restaurant. I have been searching for the Chef's name to do a private party, do you have any idea what it is?