Monday, September 29, 2008

Red Robin - Morgan Hill, Ca

"Red Robinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... yum." Red Robin's clever little television commercial gets stuck in my head sometimes. Anyhow, my sister and I were on a mission in Morgan Hill yesterday, trying to find the Trader Joe's but we stumbled on Red Robin instead. So, we figured God must have led us here, on purpose, to try out the brand new restaurant. Thanks God - owe you one buddy!

The restaurant was awesome! Cool stuff on the walls - mostly USA stuff which I love. I think there should be more American flags displayed throughout our country. We need more pride! Anyhow...

The Absolut Lemonade was great! The pleasing potion was a refreshing blend of Absolut Citron, amaretto and lemonade. Please ignore the not so cute photo, it was Sunday - my relaxing day of holiday and rest. Not glamour, obviously.

For my entree I got the Cheeseburger Con Queso, normally an appetizer, but you are dealing with an abnormal character - ME! Ay-caramba!!! The spicy cheese dip with ground beef, topped with salsa and fresh cilantro is perfect! Very tasty. I would definitely order this again and maybe bathe in it. That good, seriously.

Next up, the 5 ALARM BURGER! Crank up the heat with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, salsa, tomato, lettuce and chipotle mayo. After watching many commercials on TV with smoke shooting out a guys ears after eating this famed burger I had my camera on stand by as Jennifer took the first bite! Muaaahhhhhaaaaha. She took her first bite, no smoke. Second bite, still waiting for the smoke. Third, nothing-nada-zilch. So, she said it was just okay, nothing special. I was hoping for something entertaining.

All in all, Red Robin is fun. It is a lot like Chili's though, which is weird because there was a Chili's right next door. I like Red Robin better because of the proud USA decor. I counted 24 employees during my short stay there, and who knows how many were in the back! Wow. Thank you Red Robin for supplying our youth with jobs! City of Morgan Hill, you better send a thank you card! I give Red Robin 1.5 thumbs up, you know what you are getting every time and I can appreciate that!



Yvo Sin said...

Wow, there are no Red Robins near me, but sounds totally like something I could crave. I'm not a big Chili's fan but probably because I didn't grow up near one either. (I did, however, go to TGIFriday's once - sometimes twice and even three times - a week for a two year period...) Great review, keep up the great pictures and reviews! Thanks for the compliments and glad to have you as a reader :)

PS Funny thing, I'm about to start maybe 2 weeks straight of posts on California area restaurants! Bay Area, though :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa!

Thanks for the comment on That Girl Can Eat. Your blog is adorable and you are a fierce blonde goddess! :)

I have linked your site on That Girl, keep the comments coming!

-That Girl aka Robin

theminx said...

I like Red Robin and usually order the burger that's topped with a green chile. I hate hate hate their nasty undercooked fries though, so always get a side salad instead.