Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Cafe - Hollister, Ca

Have you ever heard of it? Ya... I am surprised if you have. It is tucked away in the shopping center right behind the old McDonald's and across the street from the DMV. It is a quaint little place that seats 35 people.

Amanda and I decided that appetizers and soup sounded good today so that is what we did. I ordered the egg rolls and she got the deep fried wontons. I have to admit she ordered better. I love egg rolls but for some reason these tasted pretty standard, or generic. Like the ones from Costco. The deep fried wontons however, stole the show. Very tasty A+.

The soups came out next and were boiling hot! I am not complaining at all because that is how soup should be served... The photo on top is the Hot and Sour - my favorite. I thought the soup was very filling, lots of tofu and pork throughout. One complaint was it was lacking spice. It could have knocked me off my seat a little bit more! You know? More bang for my buck! Ha ha! Amanda ordered the Chicken and Corn Chowder - which I think is an odd option for soup at a Chinese food restaurant but, hey whatever works... She said it was surprisingly good. Don't judge the taste from the photo is what I believe she said. She did dress it up with a few shakes of white pepper and a splash of soy sauce to rejuvenate it a bit though.

All and all, nice little place to grab lunch. Not too expensive and you're served pretty quickly. The staff is very friendly and does not bark at you like other Chinese food experiences I have had. But just a tip, do get there before 12:00 if you want to go for lunch. You will not be able to get a table! I say that is a sign, happy customers return! Go on down and check out Happy Cafe - 1.5 thumbs up!

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