Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Primarily Prime Rib - Las Vegas, NV

Hello readers! Boy, we have been busy the past few days at the PCCHA Derby at the South Point Casino. We still have been eating every night so that is a good thing! A couple days ago we decided to dine at Primarily Prime Rib with our buddy, Cowboy Ron. We chose a bottle of Bernardus to share with our meal and away we went...

Every entree receives their choice of soup or salad and I chose the Pea Soup. I love it. It is not as good as Andersen's of course, but it was satisfying to me. 

Scott and Ron chose salads are their starters and they came out heavily dressed. I prefer it that way, a little salad with my dressing. They happily consumed their bowls of lettuce while I sipped my soup. 

Although they are known for their Prime Rib I was craving fish so the Chipotle Glazed Salmon with julienned vegetables and lime cream sauce. It was fine. I actually cannot say anything negative or positive but all I can say is it filled me up when I was hungry. It did the job.

Scott and Ron both had the Prime Rib - Scott's choice to order the Cajun spiced version. They ask if you prefer it with Mashed or Baked potatoes and they both chose Baked. They two were not totally blown away with their meals, just happy to fill their grumbling tummies.

What I was totally impressed with was the desserts! We all shared bites of Strawberry Romanoff, Chocolate Layer Cakes and Peach Bread Pudding. My personal favorite was the bread pudding as the sauce was lovely.

My experience at Don Vito's the night before was so excellent that I was comparing this meal to just that. I should not compare apples to oranges but I did. Don Vito's is still on my mind...

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