Friday, June 20, 2014

805 Bar & Grilled Cheese - Ventura, CA

Yesterday we had quite the busy day giving lessons, riding horses and completely our ranch chores before we both split for the evening for different appointments. Mine were foodie related of course, and Scott was working on his sailing course. I waited for him in front of his sail boat slip in the Ventura Harbor at 805 Bar and Grilled Cheese.

I ordered a McManis Merlot and sipped on it while I watched boats come in and out of the harbor. It was quite relaxing. I met fellow boat enthusiasts, as this was the local hangout. I felt very welcome!

Waiting and watching...

Fur and boots... I was happy to have them on as it was pretty chilly in the harbor. Scott's boat didn't get in until about 8:00 P.M.

There he is! I was like a proud parent taking photos of him motor up to the dock, close up the boat and do the evening chores. I know how much he loves being on the water so it is equally exciting for me.

I didn't sample any of the grilled cheese creations the 805 Bar puts out but I am sure I will be spending many evenings there waiting for my little sailor to come in from sea!

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