Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mac's Fish & Chip Shop - Santa Barbara, CA

I watch re-runs and re-runs of Diners Drive Ins and Dives when I cannot sleep at night. The other night during one of those occasions I came across the episode that featured Mac's Chip Shop in Santa Barbara. I had an upcoming car repair appointment in the area and decided this was my chance to experience it for myself.

It is a walk up, order and pay joint. I immediately liked the casualness of the joint. The menu is pretty straight forward if you were there for the fish and chips like I was. I went with the "Regular" + Chips Combo. It included an 8 ounce fillet and thick wedge potatoes. 

After a few minutes bathing in the fryer my meal was served. The texture of the batter is not crisp but soft. It did not offend me but if you are looking for a tempura like batter, this is not it. I devoured the fish pretty quickly and it shocked me. I may have to order the "Whale" next time which featured over a pound of fish. The chips were not totally my thing, I prefer thin and crispy.

I left feeling proud of myself for checking off one of my restaurant must try's. It was good fun and it inspires me to keep up on my to-do list. I must say I was a little intrigued by their dessert menu that included a variety of candy bars that were deep fried. I was tempted, very tempted but left before I gave in to the sinful treat.

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