Sunday, June 8, 2014

Don Vito's - Las Vegas, NV

And... We are back at the South Point Casino for the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association's 2014 Derby! Scott and I pulled in yesterday afternoon, put up the horses, got our room just in time to watch California Chrome race. Disappointed with his loss, we dressed for dinner and made our way downstairs for an Italian meal at Don Vito's. I decided a glass of "Marinus" by Bernardus - Carmel Valley, would cheer me up from the race results and it did just that.

We were surprised by an Amuse from the Chef, I love that! A toast point, prosciutto avocado, grape tomato half and olive oil. It was simple but totally delicious.  

I have had baskets and baskets of this bread in my lifetime but I did not want to spoil my appetite for dinner so I passed. They serve it not only with decorative rosette butter pats but also a garlic bruschetta topping, both are totally addicting.

My entree came with my choice of soup or salad and you know what I chose. I mostly savored the broth of the Pasta Fagioli as it paired nicely with my wine. I love a good soup broth! It warms me from the inside out, a very comforting feeling.

Scott and I both went outside the box in our entree orders last night. He had the Chicken Tuscany which surprised me completely, he never orders chicken. A garlic and rosemary marinated chicken breast, broiled, and then served over white beans. It looked like a lovely dish, it fact it was so full of protein that Scott had a hard time finishing it all.

Normally, I would have ordered the salmon, sea bass or even the scallops but I decided I needed to step up my game and explore the menu. I was craving a "stick to your ribs" type of food and Gnocchi with a parmesan cream sauce sounded just perfect. The gnocchi was legit, it was not the little dumplings that you can buy in the vacuum sealed package from your local grocery that is for sure. Big, pillowy treats covered with just enough cheesy sauce. I could only eat half but took the rest to enjoy as a midnight snack.

A complimentary glass of champagne was brought out for us and I thought it was just too sweet. I wish  I was not so full from dinner otherwise, a big dessert would have been enjoyed as I sipped my bubbly. This was by far the best experience I have had at Don Vito's in all my trips to the restaurants. Our server was perfect, food on point and the ambiance lovely. 

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