Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Rooster - San Juan Bautista, CA

San Juan Bautista will also be home to me. I went back this weekend to help my Mom sort through some things because she is re-molding her kitchen. It is a lot of work! Anyhow, she informed that there was a new restaurant in San Juan so we took a break from cleaning to meet my dad and brother for supper. The Happy Rooster is located on the main drag in San Juan just doors from the San Juan Bakery.

As I browsed the menu I asked for a glass of house Chardonnay. It was very good and only five dollars. Light and refreshing!

You all know i love soup and have ordered a cup of the it from everywhere I eat. It usually determines the quality of the rest of the meal. And, their soup was amazing! I ordered the Lentil and it was just outstanding. My brother fought for the last few spoonfuls. My dad had the Minestrone and said he could just have that for dinner with French bread and be happy. 

I love Sand Dabs so when I saw them on their menu I was sold. The fish was cooked wonderfully and I enjoyed the cream sauce that was served. I just wished there was more of it. On the side there were vegetables and a large serving of mashed potatoes. I would most definitely order this again.

My mom ordered the Chicken Marsala because she always does. Everywhere she sees it on the menu that is what she orderes. The chicken was pounded finely and cooked to perfection. The creamy wine sauce with sauteed mushrooms was done very well. A healthy serving of rice and vegetables loaded up her plate.

My dad wanted the Beef Ravioli and that is what he got. Lots of it! He only had half but only because he was too full. The rest was boxed up and taken home for tomorrow's lunch.

I was so happy to have had such a wonderful experience. San Juan Bautista is so lucky to have two great Mexican food restaurants but it is now complete with this eatery as well. Look forward to lots of steak, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes on their menu. 

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