Thursday, August 18, 2011

Casa De Soria - Ventura, CA

Blogs. They are interesting animals. They allow you to write freely on whatever topic you fancy, a way to express yourself. What they also do is bring people together, those who have similar interests. Welcome to this blogpost. A story of great Mexican food and new friends. Jodie follows my blog, lives locally and God knows I need some friends around here so, enjoy!

The Margaritas are Casa's claim to fame. Enjoy Patron? I do.

The chips and salsa come out fresh. The chips piping and the salsa kicking! Ask for the green stuff and you won't be disappointed.

Beef Fajitas for Jodie - All the fixings not pictured. Plenty of food for two meals!

Enchilada sauce. Enchilada sauce. Enchilada sauce. The best I have had in ages. The rice with a serving of vegetables was at first not my idea of a good time but I did enjoy it with ever bite of... Enchilada Sauce!

Three Crispy Tacos for Jodie's hubby, Ron. He enjoyed every bit of the crunchtastic morsels.

I will return for the food, margaritas and my new friends!

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