Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Keg Steakhouse - Gilbert, AZ

In Gilbert there is one huge shopping center. Within that center there are all the big box stores including Macy's, Marshalls (one of my personal favorites) and a multi screen movie theater. That being said you will not find any restaurants outside of the center. It is crowded, busy and full of life. And away we went down into the chaos...

The madness required a Martini Extra Dirty with olives. Enough said. (See Cowboy Ron in the background - What a nice guy.)

Scott ordered a Caesar Salad and I ate the remaining shavings of Parmesan Cheese. I was hungry and it served as my tasty appetizer.

One fine piece of meat - a filet cooked to medium rare. Wrapped in bacon, why can't they ever get the bacon crispy? It always seems under cooked when wrapped around a hunk of meat. The asparagus was beautiful.

I ordered the Zesty Salmon - a grilled fillet basted with a sweet and spicy sauce. The chili mayonnaise was great, I smothered it over the fish and it gave it a terrific kick. The mashed potatoes were pretty tasty too.

The Keg is a pretty cool place. A total franchise but the ambiance was so cool you thought you were in a stand alone restaurant. It was packed yet the service was on point. Kudos to you!

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