Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Casa de Lagos - Ojai, CA

When your hungry on Monday nights in Ojai you go to Casa de Lagos. Most of the other restaurants in town, take the night off and re-group for the coming week. With one other Mexican joint under construction, the Casa has a pretty good game going on. Chips and salsa are brought to the table - one is spicy the other not so much. So combine the two and keep on rolling.

Their shredded beef is pretty good so it is always a safe bet. Although, the enchilada sauce is pretty weak, not my favorite. They also could kick it up a notch with the cheese. Rice and beans do the job, basically you leave very full.

Maybe next time i will go with the shredded beef tacos. Scott orders them and is always happy. Next Monday I assume...

Cheap and filling - and they serve Tequila Margaritas now!

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Becky said...

"Casa De" as we call it, is a favorite of my family.