Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fish Dish - Burbank, CA

On many trips to the Burbank Airport I have noticed a fast food restaurant called - Fish Dish. Curious and hungry after dropping off someone at the airport last week, I ventured in. The menu is full of all kinds of different grilled and fried fish. Very cool.

I had to start with the Chowder when I saw it on the menu. It was actually pretty but the darn potatoes were not cooked fully. I hate it when that happens!

I was going for a Fish and Chips kind of mood but they brought be out Shrimp and Scallops instead. Random... It was tasty but the breading fell off the scallop after the first bite. The fries were very good - they tasted double fried. Delish.

All in all it was a quick bite that is different from our normal fast food routine. I am happy I tried and may be back to try some of the grilled options.

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