Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra, CA

My Mom and I decided to head south today and visit my cousins and their new baby, Eleanor. They live in Pasadena so it was just a short drive on the 126, the 5 and then the 210. Beautiful day, no traffic on the way down. Meet the baby...

Cute right?

All the baby googling we declared ourselves famished and Charles took us to Dim Sum - Lunasia, to be exact. I had never been so I was very excited!

Packed house!

This is what a server called, "Special Roll - only served on Sunday" Whatever is was, it was delicious. The servers do not speak English so communication was limited. This by far was my favorite, deep fried seafood goodness!

This might have been Pork Siu-Mai, like I said before no one spoke any English so it was hard to tell. No matter, it was very delicious. it was served piping hot! Yum.

On the left was a Vegetable Dumping and on the right, a Seafood Roll.
Please excuse the messy plate.

BBQ Pork Buns - A soft Bisquick like dough and a little bit of good old American BBQ. Very soft and tasty.

This was my first Dim Sum experience and i loved it. Every bit of it. The ability to try so many things without over ordering. I like appetizers and this is like the Chinese version. Fantastic and cheap too! $50 for a wonderful meal!


JustinM said...

Nice - you were only a couple miles from me. When Lunasia is good it's hard to beat, but in my experience it's wildly inconsistent. (I think Sundays are a good bet, though, since it's always packed.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.