Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mary's Secret Garden - Ventura, CA

Mary's Secret Garden is located in downtown Ventura, another interesting restaurant selection. In all honesty, we chose this restaurant because we were given a gift certificate and felt we needed to cash it in. Mary's mission is to offer a natural vegan cuisine so we were quite excited to try it out!

This is a Lime Mint Chiller - fresh mint leaves, agave nectar and lime juice blended into a refreshing slush. This was very good! Full of vitamins too!

Soup of the Day - Curry Pumpkin and Corn. Very filling and quite spicy, good thing I had my smoothie! The pita bread was a nice dipper.

Deluxe Raw Tostada - Pumpkin seed crust topped with chipotle cashew cheeze (notice this cheese was spelled with a "z" = not real cheese!), Mexican spiced mushrooms, avocado shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, olives and cilantro dressing. TONS OF VEGETABLES. Almost so much that my body rejecting them. It was so filling.

We have some credit left so I am excited to try more smoothies and gluten free desserts. And probably another Soup of the Day, you know me!

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