Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Fore Pizza - Rancho Murieta, CA

Twice a year I find myself in Rancho Murieta, for a horse show of course. I have reviewed El Gallo, the Mexican place and StoneHouse Bistro, the Italian place. Now, it is Go Fore's turn.

The inside is quaint but I ordered my food to go so I didn't stay long. It looks like a great place to watch some Monday Night Football though!

Wings. My current new obsession whether they are fried or drenched in hot sauce I am on a little bit of a kick. These were spicy! Wow. They will sneak up on you!!

And here we have what they call the Meat Head. It was very tasty filled with basically every meat selection possible, layered in between extra mozzarella cheese! Very good pizza!

Thank you Rancho Murieta! The cutters thank you for your lovely hospitality! Go grab a pizza - they deliver too! They can be reached at (916) 354-2700.

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