Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maria Bonita - Ventura, CA

I brag on Downtown Ventura all the time. There are so many places to eat, drink and listen to music! Sometimes places get overlooked due to their position on the street. Maria Bonita is down all the hill - next to all the lovely Thrift Stores. Not exactly the most ideal spot for their restaurant but if your brave enough to wander down the beaten path you need to eat here!

Their chips and salsa are of course homemade. Everything is so fresh and wonderful. There were two employees working when we visited the restaurant. The first being the greeter/waiter and the other the cook! Such simplicity, and so efficient too.

The picture does not do this dish any justice at all. This was Mahi Mahi in a sweet and spicy sauce. I can't remember what exactly what was it in it besides honey. There were chile's too! At first bite it was a sweet taste, then slowly you would feel the burn. But, it was not an unbearable heat. It was just perfect. I ordered the petite sized meal - which leaves off the rice and beans and it was just the right amount of food!

Shrimp in a tequila cream sauce with peppers and onions was Scott's order. The dish was exactly what I had hopes for! This too was the petite order and had so much food. They served corn tortillas on the side and of course they were made in house as well!

As you can see this was not your typical Mexican food but something much more high end and fresh. They make several types of moles, fish dishes and other exotic specialties. Not your typical taco or burrito joint, that is for sure! I am excited to try more items on the menu. Melissa Good Taste gives Maria Bonita two thumbs up, easy!

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JustinM said...

The mahi mahi looks fantastic... except for the damn avocado, of course.