Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eric Ericsson's - Ventura, CA

When you drive down the 101 you should recognize this building. It is on the Ventura Pier and is a huge. It screams: ERIC ERICSSON'S as you make your way south. Have you ever stopped in to give it a try? I have heard Happy Hour is really the time to go, they have quite the following.

This is their Clam Chowder - I am quite the connoisseur by now. And it was good. Served piping hot and a blend of clams with the right ratio of potatoes - which means not too many!

The Crab Cakes also passed my test. They were full of sweet, lump crab and they didn't mess with it too much. Large pieces and nicely breaded - definitely panko.

Worth a try while in Ventura. Pick a nice sunny day - "June Gloom" has settled so wait until July to visit. Maybe sit on the the patio, order a few cocktails and appetizers. The list of specials usually is a page long so be prepared to bring your reading glasses!


SkippyMom said...

Hey! I saw this recipe for crab cakes in the Washington Post today and thought of your blog and how much you like [love!] them.

Enjoy. :)

Mary said...

I love a good crab cake and clam chowder! I wish you could get good whole belly clams here like you can on the East Coast. Oh well, we have better weather!