Thursday, June 3, 2010

Johnny's Bar and Grill - Hollister, CA

Want some history? You got it! "In 1947 Wino Willie and his Boozefighter's came to Hollister for the Fourth of July Gypsy Tour Races.They cut loose in town after the races and one the guys drove through Johnny's on his motorcycle. They were a little rowdy but the mayhem that was depicted in the July 1947 issue of Life Magazine exaggerated the event. The article inspired the 1953 movie The Wild Ones with Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. The Boozefighters have made it a point to come back to Johnny's for the fourth of July weekend ever since." - This is directly quoted from the current owner herself! Enjoy that? Now lets enjoy the food!

Inside the famous - "Johnny's"

My order of Fish and Chips - your typical pub grub! Yum.

Rob's Cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese and bacon! Cooked to a perfect medium. I tasted it, it was very good. A serious contender in the burger contest downtown.

Jennifer ordered the Special of Grilled Cheese and cup of Tomato. It looked like a great rainy day meal!

All in all I was pleasantly surprised by my meal at Johnny's. I am sure most locals assume it is just the rowdy bar located downtown. But, it really pumped out good food. Affordable too. They also serve breakfast! Who knew? Check it out for yourself!


JustinM said...

"What are you rebelling against, Melissa?"

"Whaddya got?"

SkippyMom said...

I bet their breakfasts are good too - mmmm.

The soup looks comforting and it was made with milk? cream? My favorite way.

And I will happily take the burger or the fish & chips LOL. Your food always looks so yummy.

Melissa Good Taste said...

I used to be a little rebel. Not anymore - just like good food and snappy camera to go with it!

Skippy: I had no idea they would serve b-fast! I mean it is a bar - so they clean up until 4am from the bar crowd and just roll right into mornings I guess!

The soup I assume had cream. It was far too delicious to have anything but that.

The fish and chips were so greasy and I loved every minute of it!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was Victoria Tavern on 5th st that a biker rode into the front door and out the side door. Impossible in Johnnys

Melissa Good Taste said...

It is not impossible. A member of the Boozefighters rode their bike in the bar parked it against the wall, all ok'ed by the owner. Just ask them! I am positive it didn't go all the way through but simply ridden in and backed out! I wasn't there to see it but it is all part of their history and the Boozefighters!!!