Monday, June 21, 2010

Treasure Beach & Cafe - Ojai, CA

I am not sure how long Treasure Beach has been here but I must have driven by a hundred times without even noticing it! I saw an ad in a local publication and declared, "I must eat there!" On the way into town and without a decision on where to eat, we decided that today was the day we tried Treasure Beach & Cafe.

We decided on a forgetable glasses of Pinot Noir.
It was very fruity - wish I remembered the name!

My entree was Branzino with quinoa. Branzino is very similar to sea bass - pan roasted and very tasty. The quinoa was quite bland, pretty much what it tastes like all the time though!

Scott ordered the Penne in sage pesto. Charred tomatoes, caramelized onions, toasted pecans and shaved parmesan finished out the dish. It was served kind of luke warm, almost cold.

Last, we ordered a Berry Crumble. Just ok. Nothing so special it had to be ordered again.

Wish there was more to say other than it was a darling location, ok food and the ability to shop while you dine! There is a corner of the cafe that has cook books, cookware, place mats and candles for sale! There are cool couches for lounging as well. I had high hopes for Treasure Beach, it was worth the try! You be the judge...

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