Monday, November 16, 2009

Pedro’s Restaurant & Cantina - Los Gatos, Ca

On Sunday afternoon I had to take my mom to the airport and we couldn't go to the Bay Area without visiting Pedro's Restaurant & Cantina. This restaurant has been a family favorite for almost as long as Tao Tao's located in Sunnyvale, not quite but a long time... What does that mean to you? Probably not much, as you most likely have no idea what I am talking about. The long and the short is, Pedro's is good. If it wasn't, we wouldn't keep coming back. Located at 316 North Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Los Gatos you will find a great basket of chips and salsa and a killer Margaritas.

The inside of the restaurant is so cute, I love anything talavera! Abobe looking walls and tin roofs make this place look authentic and totally fun. The chips and salsa have always been good and today was no exception. Heavy on the cilantro and blended perfectly, no random chunks of anything.

Their menu is huge and everything sounded so good! They did have a Sunday Brunch Buffet that was running that caught my eye but, I did not need to go there. One entree would be plenty I am sure! I was torn between the Mole Enchiladas and the Carnitas Enchiladas. Ever since my wonderful meal in Paso with the Carnitas Tacos, I have been on a kick! So I went with the Carnitas Enchiladas and was not disappointed, the meat was lean and super flavorful! It had a tomato cream sauce on top that I was not too fond of though, I didn't hate it - it just reminded me of a thick version of tomato soup! The next entree was Robert's Trio of Enchiladas - Cheese, Chicken and Beef. Wowza! That is a lot of enchilada! Colored in the flag of Italy, or even Mexico! Ha ha.

All in all, the meal was a success! Perfect little location, excellent chips and salsa, beautiful setting and a lot of Mexican food goodness! The pricing is fair, your getting good ingredients here. No cutting corners, which is probably the main reason we have returned for so many years. Melissa Good Taste gives it 1.75 thumbs up, off a quarter because it is far from home and they put peas in their rice! Yikes! Lol. Leave your rice alone, it didn't do anything to you!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Great. Now I am totally craving a margarita from Pedro's...I can't believe I haven't been there in years!

bagnatic said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

just because of this post, i'm going to scarf down some chips and salsa...mmmm....