Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Acorn Squash: Another treat!

So, I am obsessed with stuffing vegetables. But,I think the main reason I like to do it is because of the portion control. I am stuffing the veggies with not so healthy items but because the cavities are small enough to get away with.

Cutting the Acorn Squash is quite a task! Once done I put in a pat of butter, salt and pepper in each half. I put it on a plate, saran wrapped and nuked both halves for 12 minutes at the same time.

In the mean time I had the oven at 375 and got together my "stuffing ingredients". Leftover Chicken Curry was in the fridge, as well as the tub of mashed potatoes from the night before - perfect! Mashed potatoes go down, curry gravy on top, with a sprinkle of the Parmesan cheese on top. Sounds odd going into a squash doesn't it?

I kept the squash in the oven long enough for things to get crispy, last minute I switched it to broil to get the top nice and crusty. Just watch it, it only takes a few minutes.

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The Purple Carrot said...

Agreed ... I'm a definite fan of stuffing veggies :D