Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feast Bistro - Ojai, CA

So, every time we have tried to go to this restaurant it has been closed! Bad timing on our part. I think the sign on the door said they were on vacation. But, this time we made it and they were open - ready to serve us. Welcome to the Feast Bistro in Downtown Ojai...
Street view.


The appetizer was a corn cake (under the greens) with grilled shrimp. It was very tasty and a perfect start to our meal.

The Fish Special is what caught my attention. Halibut resting on a bed of risotto and vegetables. Yummy. Scott ordered this as well. We both agreed they served too much risotto - who complains about too much food! Silly! The fish was cooked perfectly and I thought it was a wonderful meal.

Dessert was ordered but not really worth mentioning - something like apple cake. It was too sweet! And a touch too heavy following our extreme risotto consumption from earlier. We had asked the waiter to surprise us with something, and that was his selection. We should have just went with the Creme Brulee! Anyhow, it was a wonderful dinner all the same. A touch pricey but well worth the experience. One and a half thumbs up.

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