Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don Vito's - Las Vegas, NV

Finally! A day of the cutting that got done early enough to eat a decent meal! Sick of room service, eating popcorn for dinner or downing ANOTHER bowl of clam chowder I decided something different must be done! Wandering through the casino deciding between Primarily Prime Rib, Baja Miguel's (nooo!) Silverado Steakhouse and then this...

An Italian place located within the South Point. It was empty and we said - ok! Serve us, serve us now! We are hungry!

Both familiar with La Crema Pinot Noir - Scott and I both ordered a glass! Cheers!

Our entrees both came with a Caesar salad. Very nice, very garlicky.

My entree was up first. I love fish if you have not noticed by now, the South Point has always had an incredible selection. So when I see the Garlic crusted Sea Bass on the menu I am sold. It was fantastic! Too large of a portion for me, I ate until I was totally full. Scott ordered the Lobster Milanese which was breaded, pan-fried and served with lemon butter sauce. This too was extremely delicious.

Pleasantly surprised! I am not normally a noodle fan, which is how I describe an Italian restaurant, but this place was ok! Not probably the most authentic meal I have had but it did its job. A decent meal among all the nachos, popcorn and candy I had ingested while in Vegas. Would I return? Yes. It is a touch pricey but then again, everything is in Sin City. You pay one way or another! 1.5 thumbs up for a beautiful meal.

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JustinM said...

I hate when restaurants skimp on the cheese on a Caesar salad. That looks like a pretty damn good one, though.