Monday, October 19, 2009

Baja Miguel's - Las Vegas, NV

While staying at the South Point Casino for the NCHA Millionaire Aged Event I found myself frequently visiting the Oyster Bar and enjoying the Clam Chowder. But Friday afternoon I just could not take it anymore and decided I needed Mexican food. I am a true lover of the stuff.

Their Lunch Special was a good one. A Margarita, Fideo Soup - whatever that was - and two entrees. What a heck a deal! I order that and got my drink and soup. The soup was not too bad. In fact I felt it was a high point of the meal. Sort of like a tomato broth with angel hair noodles. Interesting. Yet, satisfying all the same.

The best part of the meal was by far the Chips and the Trio. Salsa was average, pretty sure straight out a bottle. Guacamole, my love! And the beans that were just beans, but sometimes that is ok. Yummo. Should have just stuck with this.

So this is it. The main event. Looks like a fiesta on a plate right? Wrong! Oh so wrong. This is not like any Mexican food I have had before. The enchilada sauce tasted like tomato water. I am very picky about enchilada sauce, obviously. The chile relleno which is hiding underneath all that cheese was actually pretty good. I had to dig deep to find it though. Rice was another downer. Forget about that carbohydrate during this meal. Eat more chips! In fact request more guacamole!

I am just such a Mexican food snob. I have been surrounded by the stuff since birth. I know the good from the bad and this is just your average Mexican food. I am sure they have lovers of the stuff but it just failed to hit the mark for me. I will probably come back because I foresee frequent visits to the South Point with my cutting adventures. Will I miss it until next time? Nah, don't think so. One thumb up for slammin' lunch deal, quick service and for it being in Vegas baby!

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