Monday, June 8, 2009

Silva's Sheldon Inn - Elk Grove, Ca

So Kathy Good Taste and I went to the NCHA Cutting in Wilton over the weekend. We got to the area Thursday evening and ate at a weird, not so tasty Chinese restaurant so we were dying for some decent food. We set out for somewhere nice and the first place we stumbled upon was Silva's Sheldon Inn in Elk Grove. It was 7:00pm and the parking lot was packed. It should be good right?

We walk in to the waiting area and the place is full. The hostess said there was a wait but we could sit in the bar in the mean time. We ordered Patron Margaritas and waited, waited, waited. Finally they came... They need to up grade on the Sweet and sour tasted a little flat. $12 a pop, we had three! Yikes.

The bread basket came and we were not impressed. White bread. Pretty basic. They surprised us with a Fava bean, garlic spread on toast. It was actually yumtastic!

Kathy ordered a salad with her meal. She got her usual dressing of Continental. Do you know what that is? Blue Cheese and Italian. Most waiters never know what it is... they should learn - bonus points! She asked if they could add beets and they said they would, for a $3 charge. LOL. Are you serious? Well, Kathy added them anyway. What a joke! I had the Portuguese Bean Soup. It looks like slop from the photo but it was pretty tasty. I would order it again.

Guess what I got?! Crab cakes baby! They said they were Dungeness but there was no way. I have had the best of the best and these were not it. Did they taste bad? No way. Would I order them again? Sure. I mostly enjoyed the slaw that was served along side them. Cilantro! Yum. Kathy ordered the Rib Eye medium. It was served with balsamic grilled onions and blue cheese crumbles. Very nice. She was content.

Last but not least the Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler. That was good. Not great but seriously good. The waitress did let us know that it was made with fresh, local strawberries. I like that they keep it local!

Silva’s Sheldon Inn is located in the Elk Grove countryside. They offer probably one of the best dining experiences you can have when stuck in the Wilton area. The dishes they prepare have French, Italian, Portuguese, and American influences. It is kind of pricey so don't be surprised if you have a drink or two and have a fabulous meal it will run you about a $100. Considering the limited restaurant options this is a pretty decent place! 1.33 thumbs up!


Jennifer Good Taste said...

Ha ha! I went on a date with Brad Sherwood in that same place while I was going to Sac State. I think it might have been under different ownership at that time, but the building was for sure the same. It was at that restaurant when B. Sherwoodie told me I was getting chubby after I mistakenly ordered a deep fried candy bar for desert. I exercised complusively for weeks afterward and then he complained that I spent to much time hanging out at the gym and not enough time studing for the GRE with him. Auuuugh, why did I do that to myself?

Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

I hate when restaurants misname or mislabel dishes! Dungeoness, lump crab meat, PEI mussels, agh! Don't call it something that it's not!

Anonymous said...

oh man, this doesn't sound that good at all. though the fava bean-garlic spread really intrigues me.
beets for $3? you've got to be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

It is so awesome to come on here and see the different places reviewed from my time living in California.

I think I love you, Miss Good Taste!

-Tom from NYC

Quinn said...

The fava bean garlic spread and the strawberry rhubarb alone might sell me on that place!

fressagirl said...

those crab cakes do not look legit

Anonymous said...

I work there and know, as a fact, that the Crab cakes are the real thing...also the Margarita prices have been adjusted accordingly, thanks for the review, we hope to see you again!

Anonymous said...

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