Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hanami Sushi - Morgan Hill, Ca

After a spa evening with the girls, plus John, in Morgan Hill we all declared we were famished! I knew of a sushi joint right up the highway so I directed our vehicle there. If in south Morgan Hill, travel North on the 101 to East Dunne. Get off the exit, stay right and pull into the strip mall located by Taco Bell. There you will find Hanami Sushi. Yes! Sushi...

Excited for spa treatments and sushi! I just love it!

How Hanami Sushi greets their customers. It really was a beautiful building.

Wasn't too crowded on a Monday evening now was it? Usually restaurants are closed Monday nights however, Hanami did not disappoint.

Complimentary Edamame was appreciated and gobbled up quickly.

I shared this Chicken & Candied Walnut salad with my mom. Actually, I ate most of the candied walnuts! :) The dressing was light. Very refreshing.

Jennifer ordered Gyoza... I am not sure if they were delicious or not - I did not get to try one. There were not any left over so I assume they were edible.

This was Kathy's order - Shrimp Tempura Roll. Not sure why she ordered something so basic, she usually goes for the big ticket items with fancy names... but she was content with it so I am sure she was happy.

Oooo la la! This was my order. The photo washes it out a bit but it was very beautiful. The Spicy Josh Roll was very delicious. Crunchy tempura bits over shrimp, mayo, masago, crab meat and avocado. Yumtastic! I would order this little delight again!

Another one of Jennifer's orders - an Unagi Hand Roll. She said it was good but the eel stopped at the surface level. One bite and it was just a Rice Hand Roll. She just should have realistically ordered a piece of Unagi on the side.

Tempura Udon was the last order to come to the table. Japanese noodles in seasoned broth, tempura shrimp with vegetable and a poached egg! Yum. I tasted the broth and got a portion of the egg. It had cooked in the broth and soaked up the flavors of the soup. I enjoyed it very much.

The entire experience was a pleasant one. The waitresses are friendly and really aim to please. I would return to the restaurant if I was in the area. The restaurant itself is clean and well-lit, with tasteful decor and the music set at a level that you can hear it but still quietly converse with your table-mate. I give this cute little joint 1.33 thumbs up!


JustinM said...

There are very few things in the world I love more than gyoza, when done properly. I actually once said if I ever have a daughter I would like to name her Gyoza. (Not surprisingly, that idea was shot down.)

C.G. the Foodie said...

Yum! I just had sushi for lunch :-)

Hand rolls often disappoint if the filling (not just the rice) doesn't go all the way down. Then you wish you had just ordered maki!

Unknown said...

that roll with the tempura pieces on top looks SO good. Kinda disappointed with the hand roll. I hate it when they make the outside look gorgeous, but when you get to eating it, most of the good stuff is already gone. =(

Shelly Borrell said...

That Tempura Udon with a poached egg sounds different and yummy. Thanks for sharing! Ciao.

Erin said...

Oh I will have to check this place out.

Anonymous said...

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