Monday, April 13, 2009

San Benito County Young Professionals

The SBC Young Professionals group was started under the direction of the SBC Chamber of Commerce to provide a place for young professionals to socialize, network, build relationships and have fun while making a positive difference in the business community. We invite any 21-40 year old young professional from San Benito County to join our group! You do NOT need to be a SBC Chamber member to participate.The program consists of quarterly socials, 4 "activities" per year, community service projects and 2 breakfast socials.

We just had our Kick Off Event at DeRose Winery and it was lovely! Our next event will be a fun trip to a San Fransisco Giants game!

Shoot me a comment if you are interested in joining!

Don't miss out on the fun!


Merrie said...

Hmmm...interesting! What's the annual fee? I do so love DeRose winery, too. Looks like you had fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa!

I just found out about the young profs. group and I am interested in hearing more about it.