Monday, April 27, 2009

El Gallo - Rancho Murieta, Ca

So I had a very exciting weekend indeed! I went to a horse show in Rancho Murieta and it had the most fantastic facilities. The last time I showed there it was a nice set up but they really went all out to make it a premier show setting indeed! Kathy Good Taste and I got hungry during our stay and wandered down the road to 7277 Lone Pine Drive, just a stones throw from the grounds. There we found, El Gallo - Mexican Bar and Grill.

The restaurant was surprisingly packed on a Thursday evening. Stuffed with little leaguers, to business professionals and of course cowboys. We dug into the chips and salsa right away. The chips were very good, fresh - just out of the deep fryer! Yum. The salsa was not my favorite. Tasted too much like tomato. Does that sound strange? The guacamole made up where the salsa lacked. It had chunks of whole avocado and was not watered down by mayonnaise, which some places do to make a bigger batch of guacamole.

Every good Mexican meal should be had with a top shelf margarita. Which my mom and I both did. Fun, fun and tasty too!

This beautiful spread was ordered by Kathy. She love, loves fish tacos. She likes to order them from everywhere to do a comparison. The rice was decent, the beans were decent. The tacos... well... lets just say if you like mayonnaise - you will LOVE this tacos. Can you see how generous they are with the creamy goodness? The fish underneath was seemingly bland, and not quite fresh from the fryer. It could have been but the cold mayo mix resting on top made it seem soggy and cold. Next time Kathy Good Taste may stray from her usual and explore the menu a bit more. ;)

The Melissa Good Taste special coming up.... Cheese Enchilada please with extra sauce. Thank you! This enchilada was pretty standard. Tasted good. Came out hot. What made it different was that it came with a combination of green and red sauces. That was interesting. I kind of enjoyed that because I usually have a hard time deciding between the two which one I want! Yum, yum, yum.

Overall my experience was a pleasant one. I got to sit and visit with my mom. I hadn't caught up with her like that in a while. We enjoyed our drinks and laughed about all that went on that day at the cutting. I have noticed the experience you have at a restaurant is directly related to your company. With great conversation it can make any food taste good. Will I return to El Gallo? Yes, I plan on attending many more cuttings and the facility at Rancho Murieta is wonderful. I may break loose and try something other than a cheese enchilada... imagine that! 1.5 Thumbs up!


Matt McGurie said...

We love El Gallo. My wife and I make it up there a couple times a month to enjoy a drink outside.

Diana said...

The guacamole looks great - super chunky! I can't believe some restaurants would put mayo in it -- yuck!

Cookie said...

Hi there, just discovered your blog. I live in SF so not too far away. I totally agree about the Top Shelf Margarita! There's nothing more "authentic!" :)