Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

The office crew got a special treat today, lunch at Cedar House in Hollister for being the best group of employees ever! In a caravan we all made our way down 156 to the roadside restaurant once none as Sugar Plum.

My neighbor to the right, two seats down was Margaret. She ordered the Calamari Steak Sandwich fried crisp with tarter sauce. The sandwich was so large, you can barely see the french fries on the other side. Yum yum. In the distance you can see a portion of Laura's Louie Louie. Love seafood!

Jan was to my direct right and she ordered the Turkey Club. It was stacked with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado on a homemade croissant. This was the popular order at the table. Everyone who had it, loved it.

I ordered the Sand dabs. I have had this here before and absolutely loved it. It is described as pan fried in a lemon caper sauce but the only problem was there was no lemon caper sauce on the dish at all. The sand dabs were pan fried but it was cold when it was served to me. They must have made mine first and had it waiting on the line while other dishes were prepared. There was no seasoning or if there was it was very little. So I heavily doused it salt and pepper and squeezed half a lemon across the entire plate. I was a little bummed because the last time I had this dish it was so good.

Besides it being Administrative Professionals Day it was also Sobe, Sylvia and Pete's birthday. Happy Birthday!

And for you Italian food lovers... check this out! "A Night in Italy" an Italian Buffet on Saturday Nights - Wine, food, fun!

Yee haw!

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