Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Fun! - Ventura + Ojai, CA

I have just had the most lovely weekend. Scott and I went into Ventura on Friday night for a bit of a staycation. We had dinner at Lure Seafood Restaurant (my favorite!) for a nice meal and a little pre-party for our big night out to celebrate Dana's birthday. After dinner we checked into the Crowne Plaza and changed into more formal attire, it was time to celebrate his little lady.... 


We were asked to come in our most sparkly, 1920's glam fashion. Nichole knocked the theme out of the park! From her hair, fringe dress, pearl necklaces and long fur coat. Stunning!

 We had such a nice time visiting with our friends, playing pool on a really bad table and getting dressed up. I love a good theme party!

My ladies of the night, these gals sure know how to have a good time. 

The next day with VC Reporter in hand i decided to try the new Asian Fusion Garden which took over the old Chinese restaurant in Ojai. Upon entering not much is changed. There are less tables in the dining area and things do look a bit more streamlined. I decided to go for a lunch special and started with the Hot and Sour Soup as my starter. It was nice, it is a huge improvement from the previous owner's recipe.

A pretty standard lunch plate of Orange Chicken, Fried Rice, Mini Spring Roll and some broccoli garnish. Nothing about this dish was bad. Nothing. However nothing just sand out as delicious to me. It  filled my empty tank up and provided fuel versus providing this foodie euphoria. I will say I was craving larger pieces of white meat chicken rather than so many connective pieces of dark meat. 

The price is fair for the amount of food you receive just about $10. I am happy to support all new restaurants in my area so now it is your turn. The menu is scaled down tremendously so you can easily explore it all in a few visits. I cannot wait to try the Honey Walnut Shrimp next.

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