Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sumo Japanese Restaurant - Ventura, CA

Sometimes I think I have been to every restaurant in Ventura County but then my friend takes me to a new place and it inspires me to search out the places I have missed. Last Sunday Dana and I ventured into shopping madness at Michael's and Trader Joe's and decided we needed a meal to give us energy to deal with the crowds. 

The restaurant itself is a large open floor plan that gives you options of sushi bar seats, large dining tables or comfortable boothes. Dana and I scooped up a booth while we browsed the menu. it was pretty traditional in way of special rolls, bento boxes as well as ramen soups.

 I decided to get down with the "Scream" Roll as it was packed with shrimp tempura, crab, spicy tuna, avocado and then topped with a cream cheese filled deep fried jalapeno! The sauce it rested in was a creamy spicetopia and topped with tobiko. Oh my, I soon found out why it was called the "Scream". It was very fiery! I soon decided to make my meal more enjoyable by removing the jalapeno and it was a wise decision because without the all the heat I could actually taste the rest of the ingredients. 

Sumo is a great place to grab lunch due to the amazing lunch deals. I wouldn't mind trying a different rolls because of the high quality of the seafood and the amazing sauce work.

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