Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Date Night! Lure + Birdman

Hey party people! I know last night was only a Monday so I shouldn't be so excited for a wild, date night on the town but in my humble opinion these are the best nights to go out! One, you never really need a reservation to go anywhere and all the really wild, obnoxious people are probably at home nursing their hangovers and wounded bank accounts. So we date on Mondays!

We always start off with a nice meal and then venture into a movie, so lets go!

I picked Lure Seafood, again. I know, I know but I just love it that much...
We started off with the Smoked Albacore Crostini with a roasted tomato and dill cream sauce. It was good. A dainty starter, two pieces each but totally a perfect way to start the meal. #winning!

Scott is a big fan of Yellowtail so he got it simply grilled and picked the sides of creamed corn and grilled asparagus. I am so happy he loved his fish dish considering our epic fail of an anniversary meal with Azu's halibut. He finished his plate pleasantly happy.

I ordered my old, faithful winner of a plate - Idaho Trout Almondine with a parmesan potato cake and cilantro corn salad. This is a fantastic plate of food. It always takes me forever to finish it but I do end up eating every bite. Just give me some time and I promise the plate will exit completely empty. 

With our tummies full, cheeks sore from laughing and hands intertwined we wandered up California Street to catch the 7:00 showing of Birdman! We have been so excited to watch our favorite actor, Michael Keaton, in his movie so we bought our tickets and took a seat.

 Birdman - Michael Keaton

The movie was great! Don't expect too much action or bang bang, shoot 'em up animation. Expect really good acting, so much so you would think he was just being himself. The acting is so good you don't know when they are on stage or if they are playing out takes from the movie. It leaves you constantly wandering was that real? Everyone has different versions of how the ending happens based on your belief in life. There is no confirmation, so it makes you choose how you want the end of the story happens. I liked that you had to watch for clues and little comments to put two and two together in the end. Watch for those when you see the movie. It makes you think... 

Michael Keaton does it again, outstanding performance.

Date Night Success.

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