Monday, June 17, 2013

Zenshin - Las Vegas, NV

We attend cuttings at the Southpoint Casino a couple times a year so the opening of the new Japanese restaurant was a big deal for us! A new menu and martini in hand, I was excited to try Zenshin for the first time.

I am always fascinated by Pork Belly, as I watch the Food Network constantly. So when I saw the Miso Glazed bad boys on the menu with crispy shallots, I was pumped. They were delicious, even though I was basically eating just fat. 

I also adore Soft Shell Crab. The Soft Shell Crab Stack was deep into the starter menu and had all ingredients that I really love: snow crab, avocado and mango salsa. The only problem was that the crab was not as crispy as I would have hoped. Eating the avocado and mango salsa got a little tricky with chopsticks too!

My mom ordered the Eggplant fries and they were outstanding. The dipping sauce was said to be Nori & Garlic Miso dipping sauce but it tasted like straight mayonaise. I mean i love mayo, but it needed a kick.

We ordered the 8 Second Bull Ride Roll because it sounded amazing... Filled with snow crab, avocado and tempura asparagus then topped with Waygu beef. One problem, they then blow torched the top of the roll so it tasted like gas. Blech. They ruined a perfectly good roll. Ask them to keep the blow torch away and I am positive it will improve the taste.

Now dessert! We had the Tempura Banana Split and it was fabulous. Now it is your turn to give Zenshin a try! There are a lot of items on the menu so give them all a try. I know we will be back so look for more reviews in the future.

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