Thursday, June 6, 2013

El Pueblo - Lamont, CA

Attention Readers! Excellent Mexican food alert! I was taken to one of the best Mexican Restaurants recently I have to jump ahead of a few posts to let you know all about it. We arrived to a table of guacamole, chile verde sauce and salsa. The chile verde sauce was served warm and I downed two bowls of it pretty much by myself. So good!

I ordered a margarita, you know the little sized one but drank it down pretty quickly. So the waiter brought this one out to replace my little glass. It was quite funny. I didn't finish it, thank goodness -could you imagine the hangover the next day... It was very good though and i give the waiter props for his sense of humor.

I ordered two shredded beef enchiladas with red and green sauces. I could not pick a favorite! They were both really unique and delicious. I must say that the shredded beef was excellent as well. I didn't eat too much of the rice or beans because I was pretty much stuffed at this point.

You will not probably ever just find yourself in Lamont so make a point to go there specifically to visit El Pueblo. We have many cuttings in Bakersfield so you better believe I am making it at point to return! Please try for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Good Taste. I do enjoy reading your blog about where to eat. I would however wish to point out that it might be a Good Idea to include Address and or Phone numbers of the establishments. It would be as simple as asking for a business card while you are at dinner.