Friday, June 21, 2013

Kabuki - Oxnard, CA

They are doing big things in Oxnard, California. "The Collection" is a new shopping experience in the midst of being a shopping experience of Target, Color Me Mine, REI, Massage Envy, Whole Foods, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar, Yard House, Century Theater and of course... Kabuki.

It was surprisingly busy on a Monday night at about 6:00 pm. Most tables were full, as well as the outside patio area.

Scott and I started with a few appetizers - How does Tempura Mozzarella sound? It was exactly that, wrapped in seaweed and jalapeno. Also served with a teriyaki for dipping. Cheesetastic.

Scott loves asparagus so we also got sauteed asparagus served with a dressing of teriyaki. It went quite well with our deep fried cheese! 

Miso soup came with both of our meals. It was fine. Just another course to pass the time...

I feel like such a glutton after looking back at this meal, oh well here I go... Garlic Scallops, pan fried bacon, sauteed mushrooms and fried onions served with a side of white rice. It was very rich, fatty and I must say delicious. As I ate my way through it I started to get quite full and waived the white flag before I saw the white bottom of my plate. 

Sea Bass sauteed soy sauce and sake served with a tomato salsa, pan fried corn and rice. He enjoyed eating the pretty plate as he mixed everything as he went along.

The reason why we went to The Collection that night was because I was invited to a VIP Pre-Opening of Whole Foods to check out the store before the public did. It was very nice. We mingled around the store and were sent home with a bag full of goodies. 

It is good to be Melissa Good Taste.

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