Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sakura - Ojai, CA

So I have been meaning to visit this place to compare it to the other sushi joint in town. the battle begins...
I saw Seafood Chowder on the menu. Not a typical thing on a sushi menu but i figured they do know seafood so why not? It was very spicy but full of potatoes. Mixed in with other bits of fish but this truly was potato chowder.

This is what they call their Incredible Roll - It was a California Roll with baked scallop on top. Was it that incredible? No. Was it tasty? Yes.

I was not blown away with the food but I have to say the sushi chef was friendly. the other waitstaff were preoccupied and I didn't get much service from them. My tip went to the sushi master - he deserved it.

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