Thursday, February 10, 2011

AJ Spurs - Templeton, CA

My favorite thing about having horse shows in Paso Robles is the opportunity to eat fantastic food while I am there! Just a short drive down the 101 from Paso you will come to a old, country town - Tempelton. Stop in and try one of the many fantastic restaurants, like AJ Spurs.

As soon as you are seated they bring out this Chuckwagon Stew. Served family style, along with sides of beans and salsa. Totally my idea of getting this party started! Yahooo...

I ordered the Halibut because I just cannot seem to eat enough fish. I know I was at a cowboy place and should have ordered a steak but I am that I didn't. My meal was fantastic. I ate almost everything but not the Texas Toast, I have never been a fan.

Next up is Scott's Bacon wrapped Filet. The bacon was not cooked long enough but the steak was excellente! The vegetables were steamed to perfection!

Those are the family style potatoes served, they were pretty good. In the background is Krissi's porkchop. She said it was awesome and cleaned her plate.

They even served after dinner drinks! So cool. Mine was Frangelico, Amaretto and cream. Sinfully delicious.

Templeton was so nice, next stop McPhee's!

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Anonymous said...

McPhee's is really yummy! Also, make sure to check out Jocko's in Nipomo. Really great steaks!