Thursday, February 3, 2011

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant - Coalinga, CA

It seems like everyone you speak to knows the Harris Ranch. And they know it almost always by the smell, and it is distinctive one. Off a lonely stretch of Interstate 5 you will find an oasis of sort - The Harris Ranch. Imagine: a gas station, country store, gift shop, bar, two restaurants and an hotel. Pretty much a working town.

Hello Jockey Club. The higher end restaurant of Harris Ranch.

Frogs Leap Merlot. Yes, please! The setting of the restaurant is totally western and I love it.

Calamari was our starter and it was ok. We were hungry so we ate a pretty hearty portion.

Melissa Good Taste could not miss an opportunity to have Clam Chowder! Notice the big bowl of butter in the background, nice! The chowder was standard, nothing I haven't had before.

Medium rare Filet with a yam on the side! How cool is that? Now the yam vs. sweet potato debate. Are they the same? They sure taste the same to us. What is your take?

This beautiful plate is mine! Salmon, green beans and a healthy portion of mashed potatoes. Ahhh, pretty much heaven in my book. the salmon had a cream sauce with green onions. It was a nice comforting meal. Butter, cream... do you see a trend going?

All in all it was a fantastic meal, great table by a roaring fire and the service was very attentive. If ever driving down or up 5 give Harris Ranch a try, stretch your legs and grab a great meal. Give yourself a break from all those fast food restaurants!

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JustinM said...

I've never been to this "higher-end" restaurant but I've stopped in at the main one a couple times. It's really fun and a cool setting... but both times the food was average in every possible way. I would have no problem going back, but the food really isn't the reason why, you know?