Monday, November 22, 2010

Dos Carlitos - Santa Ynez, CA

Welcome to a totally chic Mexican joint in downtown Santa Ynez. When seated at your table you are greeted with tasty salsa with plenty of fresh cilantro (my personal favorite) a black bean and corn relish next to a basket of fresh chips. Perfect start.

It had been a chilly, rainy day weekend so a nice hot bowl of Pork Pozole really hit the spot. Of course I garnished it with more cilantro to encourage a fresh flavor. The broth was soothing and warmed me up from the inside out. The pork cook have been a bit more tender but that is my only critique. Would have loved a fresh fruit margarita but I was on the road! Maybe next time when I can stay awhile.

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Santa Ynez Vacation Renter said...

Oh my goodness that looks sooooo tasty. Nothing beats a delicious Mexican meal. I bet the tequila's not bad either! Got any signature drinks there? (But no such thing as a rainy, chilly day in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, haha!)