Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surf and Sushi

So here's the deal, I am have been living like a queen. I get up, I drink coffee, slowly. And then drink another cup, very slowly. I savor this quiet time. Then wander to the beach, and either swim or walk along the coastline. Drooling? Yes, I know it is pretty fabulous.

Ready for some food? Yes, I imagine so. Drive directly to 1437 S. Victoria Avenue and park yourself at the sushi bar at Sushi Ozekii and ask for Don. You will have fun, order a $1.99 Kirin.

The "Monkey Brain" is what caught my eye on the appetizer menu. It was the perfect start to our meal. Half of an avocado stuffed with crab, spicy tuna and then deep fried. Oh my heaven. And to top it all off, it is topped with spicy mayo (love!) and a sweet unagi sauce. Very tasty.

What is this little treasure? Why it is the Jalapeno Popper, another delicious deep fried treat. Stuffed with cream cheese, jalapeno, crab and topped with both savory sauces.

What a perfect day. Ventura was hot and the water was a sweet relief. The sushi was on point and we will be back. Also, we test drove a few trucks. What are your favorites?

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