Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sakana Sushi Bar - Montecito, CA

This is not the first time I tried to eat at this restaurant, last September we pulled in on a Sunday and it was closed. That forced us to eat at Cava, down the road, and drop $80 on appetizers and drinks! Oh my! This time, we ate chowder and sipped a brewskie down the road and then sushi was just what the doctor ordered.

Not feeling like filling up on a delicious Japanese beer, we selected a mini bottle of Steele Pinot Noir. Not bad, it was doable. Something to remember.

How does a Crunchy Lobster Roll sound? I think this is one of the better rolls I have had. I know I just reviewed a sushi joint last week but this far surpasses it. The lobster was tender, the tempura light but the sauces - oh my. So spicy yet flavorful. One roll was enough to share. $40 and we were out the door. What a lovely experience the menu is huge and I cannot wait to return and try another specialty roll.

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