Friday, October 22, 2010

Sea Shanty - Cayucos, CA

Lisa, Scott and I went on a surf mission and we ended up in Cayucos at good old place called the Sea Shanty. The outside was all dressed up and ready for Halloween.

Hats lined the ceilings and we sat at the bar to watch the start of the Giants game.

A local beer? Sure, order me the Cayucos Ale. Then I see on the bottle it was bottled in San Jose! That was funny, it was still tasty.

Clam Chowder? World's best? Not so much. With a few shakes of pepper and hot sauce it did the job!

Lisa and I both ordered the Petite Halibut. It was cooked to perfection and it was just the right size. I had the side of rice and it was full of lots of vegetables. A few shakes of hot sauce and again, I was good to go!

Red Snapper for Scott. He bragged that it was just fabulous, I tried a bite and have to admit it was pretty delicious. The toasted bread was smeared with plenty of butter, yum yum.

A pretty shot of the rock in Morro Bay on our way home...

Happy Friday!

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Diamond Dog said...

How can not one person at least order the fish & chips at these kinda places?! Stop being so healthy Melissa!!!