Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fugazzi's - Hanford, CA

Welcome to Fugazzi's - 601 West 7th Street in Downtown Hanford. Apparently this location used to be the Purple Potato. Who knew? This is one of many other Fugazzi's located throughout Kings County so if you are not local, try the Visalia or Tulare sites.

Before starting our dinner Jennifer and I grabbed drinks from the bar. I think mine was called the San Simeon. At least that is what I thought the gentleman called it. it was a little bit of everything. Did I or would I order another one? No thanks! It was pretty though!

Jennifer ordered Premium H2O.

Jennifer had a craving for a salad so she ordered the Chopped Thai Salad. Crisp greens, chopped chicken, cabbage, celery, red onions, peanuts, edamame and cilantro. All tossed in a creamy Thai dressing - topped with crispy wontons. She loved it.

Mine of course was the fish. Halibut sauteed with a pistachio crust served in a lemon butter sauce. I had it served with vegetables and rice. I didn't touch much of the rice though! It was plenty of food!

All and all this was a pleasant experience. Lovely atmosphere and a ton of items on the menu for you to try. I would go back for sure!

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