Sunday, November 23, 2014

California Oil Museum - Santa Paula, CA

I have lived in Ojai for four solid years and I had never actually set foot in the California Oil Museum. I have always wanted to and had heard fabulous things about it from my father but never made the time to do it. With my sister in town, I decided today would be the day and we went to check it out. We are fourth generation in the Petroleum Industry so it was very special for us to check out the early beginnings of oil in California.

The memorabilia and expiation of the extraction of oil from the land and sea was fabulous! 

They even have an oil rig set up in an outdoor building to give you a sense of how amazingly brilliant early gassers were. It just is hard to believe how bright and innovative they were in comparison to how the rest of the world was living at that time. 

After all that learning I had to grab some lunch. I had my favorite green salsa, chile relleno and soda with the best crunchy ice Santa Paula has to offer. If you are a local, give the California Oil Museum a look. You will learn a lot and the donation of $4 to enter is well worth it!

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