Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strolling through La Jolla...

If you have never been to La Jolla this is a pretty good run down of what to see and expect...

One of the many caves - Kayakers had fun cruising through them.

Beautiful blue water and lots of birds!

Seals taking over the Kid's beach. Baby seals were everywhere!

Now go to George's during the daytime. Ask the cool waiter to take your picture overlooking the ocean. He is a pro!

Order the ceviche while your there too. It is fantastic!

Mosey on down to the Grand Colonial hotel and saddle your self up tho the lobby bar. Don't bother asking for a drink menu; order the Iron Fist brew and share!

If the ceviche didn't fill you up ask for the Cheese platter, so delicious!

My ocean front house in La Jolla - I wish. Isn't it just the cutest?

Wind & Sea - a memorable surf spot.

When walking up and down the streets burning off ceviche, beer and cheese do not get lured in by this cute cupcake shop.

The mini cupcakes are cute but they are a little dry. I do recommend you trying the Organic Strawberry Milk served in a glass container. Now, that is a score.


JustinM said...

It's a pretty rough life you're living these days!

Melissa Good Taste said...

Isn't it though?

SkippyMom said...

At first glance of the picture with the seals I thought those were rocks and I thought "How pretty" giggle - nope. Seals. Just as lovely tho'.

Can you mail that cheese plate to me? My husband doesn't quite understand why I am licking my screen. :wink:

caninecologne said...

hi there! nice to see you visit my hometown (san diego). the view from george's is gorgeous!!!!