Monday, May 9, 2011

Rusty Pelican - Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach. Newport Beach!! I live close to the Housewives of Orange County! No seriously, check out the Rusty Pelican's menu; all things Melissa Good Taste would love...

Let us start off this food extravaganza with a glass of pinot and a bowl, yes a whole bowl, of Crab Bisque. The bisque was so heavy, I loved it - bring on the cream and butter baby!

Fish Tacos for Scott, Mahi Mahi. There was a tropical salsa on board and that just sent this meal to the moon! The fries were nice and crispy. Great lunch!

My meal looks like dinner! But there was no way I could pass up Sea Bass, lemon caper sauce and mashed potatoes. That just sounded too fantastic to waste. So I went ahead and ordered it and ate the whole darn thing! So good.

A beautiful day in the harbor!

More food posts to follow... Loosen up your belts this is going to be a very filling ride!!

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